Coins from the German medalist! 

 Our coins...


Coins from the German medalist!

Our coins have been masterfully designed and minted manually in a traditional German factory! As with all of our products, we place great value on our coins.
Made in Germany!

Your memory - your coin

You can always carry the coin with you. He can remind you of what is important in life. As a memory of your loved ones. He tells your story and will therefore always be a topic of conversation.
And if you yourself have reached old age yourself at some point, this investment-worthy coin will eventually be a great heirloom. And your descendants will be reminded of your story. Is there a more romantic thought?

We make the coins what they are!

Awards for special achievements! Because coins are the successors of the medals, so to speak.
And they are only made and given away on special occasions.

Personal advice

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an email to or optionally a WhatsApp. Unfortunately, our english is not so good that we could have a fluent conversation on the phone. Therefore, please give us the chance to advise you in writing.

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