Don\'t look for the Perfect Gift any longer -...

Gift-Coins for special moments

Don't look for the Perfect Gift any longer -
let us manufacture it for you!

Coins from the German medalist!

Our coins have been masterfully designed and minted manually in a traditional German factory! As with all of our products, we place great value on our coins. Made in Germany!

We make the coins what they are!

Awards for special achievements! Because coins are the successors of the medals, so to speak.
And they are only made and given away on special occasions.

A birth or a wedding is a very special event in life for everyone involved.
Many try in vain to capture this unique moment forever. But a picture frame, a certificate or a cuddly toy are impermanent.

The coin for the important moments and special occasions:

  • wedding
  • birth
  • Valentine's day
  • Mother's Day
  • and many more

You can always carry the coin with you. He can remind you of what is important in life. As a memory of your loved ones. He tells your story and will therefore always be a topic of conversation.
And if you yourself have reached old age yourself at some point, this investment-worthy coin will eventually be a great heirloom. And your descendants will be reminded of your story. Is there a more romantic thought?

Your memory - your coin

You can basically have your very own coins made in the following versions:

  • Incredible 36mm diameter! This is bigger than a five-DeutscheMark piece, if you say anything else. And for the current generation: This is significantly larger than a two-euro coin.
  • extremely high quality and ready-to-use fine silver (999/1000)
  • You can patinate the surface of the coins, polish them or have them refined by working steps. This creates an artificial patina on the coin. This allows the contours of the motif to appear even more clearly. The raised motif structures are then polished. Both steps together result in a unique, high-quality picture!
  • You can have your very own dedication engraved on the back! So the coin becomes a personal one-off!
  • Each coin is shipped with a clear coin capsule.

With us you can also have coins made or made completely individually! Get in touch with us by phone or use the contact form.

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