The idea

The signet ring series “HARD as You” was a by-product of the idea that our brave soldiers and veterans should be thanked for their honourable service to our country.

They should have coat rings around their fingers that remind them of their service and of their units. We wanted the signet rings for soldiers and veterans to be both elegant and strong. The signet rings should also be worthy of a soldier. High-quality rings that you can wear with pride. They tell everyone this: I serve or served the citizens of my country, and I am proud of it!

The coat rings for soldiers and veterans of the signet ring manufacturer symbolise the toughness and strength combined with elegance and edginess at the same time that define members of the German Armed Forces.

Fair prices

Thanks to careful price calculation we can offer our soldiers these rings at the fairest prices. What matters is not making profit but, first and foremost, we would like to thank our soldiers.

Discount for members of the German Armed Forces

Being a seasoned sailor of our navy and a fan of the camaraderie of certain units, the signet ring manufacturer offers provisioners and those in charge of the canteen of individual units an additional discount. Why not get in touch?

Forces other than the navy

However, other corps and forces are also more than welcome to have signet rings with coats made for their units.

It does not matter one bit if you and your friends belong to a different unit! It goes without saying that the signet ring manufacturer will be more than happy to make signet rings with coats for different units of the legions or the air force!

Just let me know what unit of the German Armed Forces you belong to, what your symbol is, and the signet ring manufacturer will then be in touch to make coat rings for your unit.

Special units and special troops

The signet ring manufacturer has made quite a lot of coat rings for the special forces.

Are you members of the KSK special forces command? Or the SEKM special action force? Mine clearance diver or combat swimmers? The signet ring manufacturer is aware that anonymity must be kept due to the sensitive nature of these troops. Your rings will neither be traced back to you nor will they be shown to the general public. You can trust the signet ring manufacturer.

Material and production

You can choose from coat rings for individual warriors or an entire series of signet rings for your veterans’ club. There are almost* not limits.

We make your rings from 925 sterling silver or from stainless steel. Coat rings can be made starting with small-scale productions of ten rings in combination with a combination of modern technology and traditional handiwork. We make single, individual signet rings of 925 sterling silver.**

Questions, wishes, concerns?

The signet ring manufacturer would appreciate any criticism, positive and negative, suggestions for improvements and feedback. You can easily share your thoughts with the signet ring manufacturer by filling in the contact form. You can also find the signet ring manufacturer on Facebook ( Please let him know what your thoughts and requests are. We will try together with to make your idea a reality in the form of a signet ring around your soldiers’ fingers.

*copyright and other right must, of course, be respected

**Should you prefer to use a different material, such as gold or similar, price enquiries must be made. This is because prices vary according to the current daily price of precious metals.