This is how the idea of this signet ring shop was born

Being a former soldier myself who has been part of deployments abroad, and currently as a police officer, I know just how important camaraderie and unity are within a unit. Unfortunately, even back in those days, I could not find an accessory that appropriately reflected this corps spirit. After all mass-produced shirts and Zippo lighters can barely be described as an appropriate way of expressing this. Then one day I came across signet rings, and I began to customise these beautiful rings for my own purposes.

Offers for the navy and the police

It was at a veterans’ reunion that I received a lot of positive feedback for my idea. I began selling my signet rings and coat rings in my own online shop. These were small-scale lines for certain navy units. Today soldiers, police officers and others who can demonstrate a certain connection, can buy a range of different signet rings. They can even have them custom made according to their wishes.

The perfect accessory for your entire unit

In order to guarantee an attractive price-performance ratio, we tend to produce small-scale lines. These are perfect for distribution among the members of your unit. The same holds true for custom lines with family coats, company logo and club emblems. Here, too, coat rings can be used to show your sense of belonging to this organisation. These rings are also a good way of honouring members of outstanding merit.

Our family business

As I mentioned before, I founded this business because of something that I wanted. This is why I fully support and approve of my products. By now we have grown into a nice little family business, complete with our own own workshop and fantastic partners. It is our aim to give distinguished members of society the opportunity to receive a memento of a great time.

Alexander Franz,

your Signet Ring Manufacturer (Der Siegelringe-Hersteller)