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Our navy rings of the "HARD as You" series: exclusively for sailors and former members of the German Navy who are proud of what they do!

Our new signet ring line "HARD as You"

We founded the "HARD as You" label for the men and women serving in the German Armed Forces. This is a new and exclusive line of signet rings and coat rings that honour you as a member of your unit. In other countries such as the United States it is common for members of the armed forces to wear signet rings. In Germany, however, we are so far the only business offering exclusive navy ring and rings for our forces. Learn more!

Navy rings from the signet ring manufacturer

The signet ring manufacturer himself is a seasoned veteran, and he has designed this line of rings for you. Since we still very much identify with our former navy unit, our designs for navy rings are very advanced. These rings are partly handmade, and in part they are made using state-of-the-art technology. Our navy rings bear the coat of the individual ships and boats in the navy on the head of the ring. The shanks feature the hull number of the vessel or its designation.

Also available for the air force and the legions

Other forces can also have rings made since we will be more than happy to make signet rings featuring the coat of your unit. Should no signet ring be available for your unit, it takes a minimum order quantity of ten to place your order. What this means for you is that you only need to find a few friends who want the same coat ring. Send us their ring sizes and we can start production immediately.

Conveniently order signet rings online

Please use the contact form or give us a call to get in touch directly with the signet ring manufacturer to place your order. For bulk orders we will give you a signet ring case of your choice for free. However, this is while stocks last...