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 For solemn occasions and occasions that should...

Standard Seal Stamp

For solemn occasions and occasions that should be solemn


Creative seal stamps for every occasion!

Whether baby shower, Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan or birthdays - with a self-made wax seal you can give your celebration a very special charm in Advance.

Just made it easy

Making a wax seal is so easy even kids can do it.

Simply take three to four sealing wax drops in the color of your choice and melt them with the help of our melting spoon over a tea light. The melting point is already around 60 ° C.

Then pour the liquid sealing wax on the place where you want to put the seal. Now take your sealing stamp and slowly push the brass head into the sealing wax.

Let the wax cool down and set there before you remove the seal stamp.

With this procedure it is important that the brass head of the sealing stamp is always clean (dry) and as cool as possible. As a little trick, a cooling gel pack has proven to be very helpful.


Examples of your wax seals:

- Don't just thank your well-wishers with a banal thank you card, but decorate them with a "thank you" wax seal!

- Emphasize your creativity on your fancy New Year's party invitation!

- Decorate your invitation cards with a self-made wax seal!

Quality you can see

Our seal stamps are made of solid brass and real wood from sustainable cultivation. We always make sure that our products are of high quality. You see it - you feel it.

So you can enjoy your seal stamp for a long time!