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We make unique silver rings featuring your family coat, your company logo or any other image you might want. Discover our small-scale stainless steel series as well as gorgeous signet rings and coat rings featuring images from the world of the German Navy and the special forces of the police. This is the perfect gift for serving soldiers, police officers, veterans or even company members!

Signet rings - a very special statement

You would like to show your connection to a certain institution in a very traditional and appropriate way? Then a signet ring might just be exactly what you are looking for. Signet rings are fancy silver-made, gold-made or stainless steel made symbols of your belonging to a close-knit group that is only open to those in the know. Whether this is family ties, loyalty to your company, the military or police corps spirit - we have the right signet ring for you.

Browse our navy and police rings

We have a range of small-scale lines on offer that have been inspired chiefly by the military and the police. These institutions are home to a special sense of belonging that is equally present in veterans as well as currently active members. This can be expressed perfectly to the outside world in the form of signet rings or coat rings. Browse our rings for the navy and the police, and get inspired.

We make custom small-scale series

Do you have a very specific idea for your signet ring? Then let us make this happen! Using state-of-the-art technology we produce custom-made signet rings as part of small-scale lines and, after consultation, even single custom-made rings. Eternalise your family's coat, the symbol of your club or your company logo, and honour outstanding members by giving them a special coat ring.

Our service and support for you

We start producing your custom ring immediately after receipt of payment. Delivery is, of course, insured and your items will be delivered as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email with any queries you may have.

Halskette Raindrop

Halskette "Raindrop"

14,99 € *
Edelstahl-Ring Gold

Edelstahl-Ring "Gold"

9,99 € *
Gold-Ring Lady

Gold-Ring "Lady"

19,99 € *
Dragon Signet Ring

Dragon Signet Ring

229,99 € *
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Dragon Signet Ring

Dragon Signet Ring

229,99 € *