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Jewellery Boxes

Browse our fancy jewellery boxes here. These are exclusively for rings and signet rings!

Fancy design: perfect presentation guaranteed

If you are looking to give away, sell or present a ring or signet ring, you should make sure you have the right packaging: Conventional jewellery boxes for fashion jewellery lack systems that keep your ring in place - our jewellery boxes, however, have a leather-covered tongue that securely keeps your ring in place in a central location inside the jewellery box.

Unrivalled material: Real wood and Nappa look

“A feast for the eyes” - as you well know this not only applies to the culinary world. Opt for real American wood and the finest imitated Nappa leather to beautifully present your pieces of jewellery. Our jewellery boxes will win you over thanks to their top-notch craftsmanship, and their timeless style and simple elegance.

Light or dark: choose from one of two models

Do you prefer dark leather types? Or perhaps you like to present your jewellery on light imitated Nappa leather? It is your choice because our signet ring case is available in two beautiful versions. Both jewellery cases feature walnut wood on the outside. This type of wood has a very recognisable wood grain.

Jewellery boxes: Gift box, shop window box and more

Our ring boxes are versatile in their use. Our high-quality wood boxes will without a doubt be the right choice no matter what you want to do: give away a ring elegantly and in style, present jewellery to your clients or simply keep your rings safe in a safe or a jewellery cabinet. Take advantage of our great bulk prices from order quantities of three.