Signet Rings & Coat Rings, a quick lesson in history

For a lot of people rings are no more than pieces of jewellery. In fact, rings a very valuable.

This is because there are very few pieces of jewellery that say as much about their owner. This starts with the material chosen down to around which finger you wear your rings. You can get a good idea of who someone is from the ring a person is wearing. A ring made of gold set with precious stones or a rather simple one, made of silver. When thinking of the type of person who would wear a signet ring, you probably have a certain idea. It is for good reason that the finger around which someone wears rings says a lot about that person. Here is a good example: Wedding rings and engagement rings

Signet rings are even more meaningful

As the term suggests, signet rings feature a seal. This can take the shape of a sign, symbol or coat of arms. Signet rings always express something about ourselves.

The reasons for this date back to a time when signet rings and coat rings could only be worn by the richest and the most distinguished individuals in society. In those days signet rings and coat rings were used for marking letters. It was by pressing these rings into a drop of hot wax on letters or documents, they left a coat of arms or a symbol. This was a way of officially signing documents.

Signet rings or coat rings were sometimes also given to people as a form of recognition of extraordinary achievements. This was like saying: “Wear this ring. You are one of us!”

The owner of the signet ring could show by wearing the ring and the coat or symbol on it that he or she belonged to an elitist circle. In these types of circles, everyone would tend to wear the same rings with the same symbols or coats. Not everyone could join the club. This ensure that the owner of the signet ring would get a lot respect and recognition.

To this day signet rings and coat rings are presented to individuals who have achieved the extraordinary!

There are anniversary signet rings, club signet rings, victory signet rings, sports signet rings (the winners of the Super Bowl are a famous example of this), and so many other types of signet rings and coat rings.

Elitist circles of people such as professors, politicians and religious leaders are often seen wearing their own signet rings. Top athletes, members of the special forces, pilots or other members of countless well-known clubs wear their symbols and coats in public by wearing coat rings and signet rings in the public domain.

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