What ring size do I need?

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So you have finally decided which of the many signet rings or coat rings you would like.
But when it comes to your ring size, you are lost?

Your ring size is vital information when it comes to buying your signet ring and / or coat ring. Providing your ring size means that we can make sure that your ring will fit perfectly when you receive it. Once you have worked out your correct ring size, you will not have to worry that the ring you get may be too small and that it will not fit. Equally you will not have to worry that your ring might be too wide and that you might end up losing it.

This is how you can correctly work out your ring size:

Your correct ring size can be determined by measuring your finger circumference, by measuring your finger's diameter, by a professional (jeweller) measuring your ring size or by using a ring size template.

Measuring the diameter of your finger

Take a piece of string and wrap it around the base of the finger on which you would like to wear your (signet) ring later. Please make sure that you can move the string past your knuckle. This is important because in some people the knuckles are slightly thicker than the base of their fingers. Cut the string at the point where the two ends of the string meet. Simply take this piece of string and put it next to a rule. The length of the string corresponds to your ring size. Attention: This method is highly inaccurate! Please do not use this method to determine your ring size.

Diameter method

Should you opt for this method, you will need a well-fitting signet ring (or any other ring) that you can use for measuring. Please make sure that the ring you use for measuring has the same shape as the ring you would like to order. If, for example, you were to use a square ring but you wanted to order a round ring, the result may be different because you will arrive at a different size due to the square shape of the ring used for measuring. Try and find a ring that fits perfectly on the finger you want to wear your signet ring on. Now you can use a calliper gauge to measure the inner diameter of the ring. Multiply this value by 3.14. This is your inner diameter in mm. The inner diameter is used for expressing the size of all types of rings. This means that your ring size may be 54, for example. This is if you have arrived at an inner diameter of 54 mm after multiplication.

Paper method

If you do not have a calliper gauge handy, you may also use a simple piece of paper for measuring. Roll it up and insert it into the well-fitting signet ring / coat ring. Please make sure that the piece of paper is flush with the entire shank. Mark the point where the piece of paper overlaps, and then measure the length of the paper stripe up until the marking. The length corresponds to your ring size.

Ring size template method

You can find various ring size templates available to download online. You can simply print these off, and follow the instructions on the template. However, this is is the most inaccurate method of all! You have to have a precise print. You have to precisely cut out the template, and you have to have fine scissors.

Classic jewellery method

(This method is highly recommended by The Signet Ring Manufacturer!)

If you do not want to work out your ring size yourself, you can go to a jeweller or goldsmith of your choice. He or she will use a certain ring measure to determine your ring size. The jeweller may, for example, use rings made of iron as ring measures. These come in different sizes. In this case the jeweller will check which ring fits you perfectly. This is how your ring size can be determined perfectly. This method is the safest because it is the most accurate.

Please bear in mind the following things when determining your ring size:

  • Always measure the finger that you want to wear your signet ring / coat ring on later on.
  • Be aware that ring sizes may differ between the right hand and the left hand.
  • Ring sizes may change over time. Reasons for this may be changes in your weight, pregnancy or illnesses or simply changes in the body as you get older. If you have not checked your ring size in a long time, you should do this prior to buying your next ring.
  • On very hot days fingers may swell up whereas on cold days they tend to be a bit thinner.
  • You should also bear in mind the time of day when measuring. It may be that your fingers are a bit thicker in the evening than they are in the morning.
  • If you want a particularly wide signet ring / coat ring, you may have to choose a bigger ring size. The reason for this is that wider signet rings / coat rings may leave less leeway for your knuckles. For you to be able to easily move the ring to your finger base, the ring should be a little bigger.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you might have. You can use the contact form. Alternatively, you can also give us a call.

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