Pinky, Ringman Or Thumb?

More and more people are discovering for themselves the most precious of rings. The signet ring! Part of the reason may be that this special type of jewellery has lost its smugness. Until only a few years ago, this was, in fact, how it was viewed. Having your own family coat has become popular again - and so has showing it on a classic silver or gold signet ring!

But it is not just rings bearing someone’s family coat that have made a return (once again) to vast parts of society. The new stainless steel signet rings are a highlight in this development. These rings are extraordinarily popular among ambitious men due to their modern, sporty and at the same time classy design.

But around which finger should I wear my signet ring or my coat ring?

Generally speaking, everyone should make this decision for themselves. Comfort, style, and again, style, are crucial aspects in an individual's decision.

Comfort: The comfort factor

On which finger will my ring get least in the way? If I am wearing rings around the fingers next to the finger that I want to wear my new ring on, will this bother me?

The ring simply must feel good.

Style I: Classic or modern?

Just like to coat of a caste or that of a family? In this case, you should definitely opt for your ring finger, the classic option. The decision between your left hand and your right hand is purely a matter of taste.

Modern rings, such as stainless steel signet rings, give you a lot more options in this regard. Owing to its innovative design, this kind of ring will be particularly authentic if worn around your pinky.

Style II: Your own style

In this particular case, conservatives as well as hipsters or fashion crashers will know best what decision to make. Everyone has their own preferences and taste. You should live by this when it comes to these specific pieces of jewellery, without letting anyone tell you what to do.

I hope I could be of assistance. Stay true to yourselves!

Your Signet Ring Manufacturer (Der Siegelringe-Hersteller)