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 Your ship - your ring 

 These rings were...

Military Navy Rings

Your ship - your ring

These rings were invented for you men and women of the Bundeswehr! An exclusive range of seal and coat of arms rings that distinguish you as a member of your unit. In other countries, such as the USA, it is common practice to wear seal rings, but in Germany we are the only point of contact for these exclusive military navy rings. Find out more about it here!

Since we, as veterans, still feel closely connected to our former units in the Bundeswehr, our military rings are extremely well developed and are manufactured in a combination of manual work and the latest technology. Our stainless steel rings bear the coats of arms of the individual ships and boats on the head of the signet ring and the hull number or ship name on the thighs. Our most recent productions also have the international call sign on one of the ring legs.

Also available for the Air Force or the Army

Other branches of the armed forces are also served here, because we are also happy to manufacture seal rings with the coat of arms of your unit. If your military unit does not yet have a ring, we will be happy to make one for you. For this we only need a minimum order quantity of 10 rings, which already includes up to five ring sizes. So: find 10 comrades, contact us and have rings made. It couldn't be easier.

Simply order signet rings online

Buy the marine ring for your unit right here or contact us using the contact form.

Special prices

By the way, you will receive special prices if you order as a supplier for your canteen (board shop).

Personal advice

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an email to or optionally a WhatsApp. Unfortunately, our english is not so good that we could have a fluent conversation on the phone. Therefore, please give us the chance to advise you in writing.