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 Learn more about our exclusive police-themed...

Police Rings

Learn more about our exclusive police-themed rings made of solid stainless steel!

Rings featuring the coat of the police: Take pride in what you do!

Our solid stainless steel police-themed coat rings are made by our manufacturer exclusively for police officers and former police officers. The coat of your police unit will feature on the head while the shanks of these police-themed rings feature the abbreviation of the unit (ET, WuW, ESD, SEK, MEK, LKA, BuPo etc.). This way you can show that you are 100 % passionate about your profession and that you are proud of your work and your unit as well as your colleagues.

Police-themed rings: custom design for your unit and federal state

On the other shank of your ring you can find the abbreviation of the federal state which you serve or have served (NW, HB, SH, BY, BE, SL, HH, RP, BW, TH, HE, ST, SN, BB, MV, NI). Anyone looking at your ring will know which unit you belong to, and in which federal state you serve.

Custom-made rings are also available

It goes without saying that you can have police-themed rings custom-made according to your own wishes and ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email. Starting from a minimum order quantity of ten rings, you can have our signet ring manufacturer make your own small-scale line of police-themed rings.

Stainless steel in perfect craftsmanship

Every ring is made of solid and scratch-resistant stainless steel. Every ring is an example of perfect craftsmanship. Our police-themed rings have a diameter (head) of 18 mm each, and every ring weighs approx. 20 g. We will be equally happy to make rings for you for the SEK, MEK, GSG9 or other units of the special forces!