Traditional rings of the Bundeswehr - with...

Military Rings with Laser-Engravings

Traditional rings of the Bundeswehr - with laser engraving

From the master goldsmith in a traditional German workshop!

The federal eagle is incorporated on one leg of the ring, while the other leg of the ring bears the coat of arms or the badge of the respective military branches or lines of use. The individually desired stone is set in the head of the ring.

We will then laser your individual motif *!

The edge is decorated with the official motto ** of the Federal Republic of Germany: "Unity - Law - Freedom"
The traditional rings are made from 925 sterling silver as standard. On request, we will manufacture the traditional rings for you as gold rings made of 333 or 585 gold.

Important: Nothing is glued cheaply here! The material of the traditional ring is laboriously driven over the stone!

Your ring - your stone

You can equip our traditional rings with different colored (semi) precious stones. You can choose from 4 different colors:
• red (agate),
• black (onyx),
• blue (agate),
• green (agate)

The stones are approx. 10mm x 12mm in size. The cut and the colors are impressive! Other gemstones on request.

Your stone - your motive

You can now have your individual motif * lasered into the stone in a very exclusive way. Simply upload the desired motif as black and white line graphics.

Represent each branch of the armed forces

No matter if army, air force or navy. We manufacture a personal traditional ring for each type of service / line of use! By specifying your ring size and stone color, we will of course also follow your individual wishes. If a badge is not listed, just upload the badge and we will make the ring for you!

Personal advice

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an email to or optionally a WhatsApp. If we are in the office at the moment, we are of course also available to you by phone. (If we don't answer the phone directly, speak to us on the AB and we'll call you back as soon as possible! Promise!)




* Ethically and / or morally questionable as well as forbidden motives are not processed by us and, if necessary, brought to the notice.

** According to the Austrian Germanist Paul Portmann-Tselikas