Thanks to the custom signet rings of The Signet Ring Manufacturer it is possible for the first time to have your own signet ring made. At an incredible price.

So you do not want to buy pre-designed coat rings? Would you like to have your own signet rings made? Then you have come to the right place!

We produce single signet rings made of solid 925 sterling silver or rings for small-scale lines made of solid stainless steel. All of this is done exclusively according to your own wishes.

And this is how it works:

  • Create an image of the symbol you would like for your own signet rings, and save it as an image file. This is so you can send it to The Signet Ring Manufacturer later on.
  • Have your finger measured by a professional (jeweller, goldsmith etc.). Get the finger measured that you want to wear your signet ring / coat ring on later on!
  • Contact us by using the contact form or by phone. The Signet Ring Manufacturer will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss the details with you.

    We are looking forward to speaking to you!

Signet rings and coat rings made by The Signet Ring Manufacturer - The fancy classic. At a fair price!

Before buying signet rings you should ask yourselves the following questions: Am I the “classic silver signet ring” type? Or am I more of a “modern stainless steel signet ring” kind of a person? For most of those who own a stylish signet ring or a coat ring, this is not even a matter that requires a conscious decision:

“Classic signet rings featuring family coats have got to be made of silver. Anything else is a matter of your own steel, sorry, style."

(The Signet Ring Manufacturer)

You can buy silver or gold signet rings just about anywhere. You can go to a jeweller's shop to buy one, or you can simple Google “silver signet rings” or “gold signet rings”. Chances are that you will get thousands of hits. Rings made of silver or gold are sold everywhere. And yet, there are some big differences between all of these offers for coat rings or signet rings made of silver or gold:

Silver jewellery will often be sold as such even when the pieces of jewellery on offer have, in fact, only been coated with a thin layer of silver. This is called an alloy. The same often applies to gold jewellery. This saves the manufacturer costs, and it increases their profit accordingly. Usually you can tell the difference by looking at the cost. When jewellery seems extremely cheap, the percentage of precious metals is highly likely to be very low. If you are looking for high-quality silver jewellery, and you come across extremely cheap prices, you should be very suspicious.

You may, however, also find a lot of silver jewellery that is of good quality. However, the pricing means that few people will be able to treat themselves to it.

This is exactly where our silver coat rings and signet rings come in! Our silver rings are not silver-coated. Neither are they made of silver alloys or contain only a tiny amount of precious metals! We make signet rings and coat rings of solid 925 sterling silver that you can afford. Our incredibly affordable price is the result of careful calculation.

Stainless steel signet ring and coat rings - The better quality

The Signet Ring Manufacturer has specialised in making stainless steel signet rings - without compromising on quality.

Stainless steel jewellery may not be as easy to process. However, it does have some very convincing advantages when compared to jewellery made of other materials:

Not only is stainless steel harder, tougher, more resistant than silver or gold. Signet rings and coat rings made of stainless steel do not rust as soon. Neither are they affected by patina, as silver jewellery would be for example. This means that stainless steel jewellery does not require frequent polishing up.

Stainless steel jewellery is also suitable for those allergic to other materials! Owing to the fact that stainless steel, among other things, is used for medical tools and the fact that it is anti allergic, i.e. it does not cause allergies, this increasingly popular material is also referred to as surgical steel. Finally stainless steel is much cheaper when bought in bulk. This is one of the reasons why our signet rings, despite their great quality, are sold at such low prices.

Signet rings made by The Signet Ring Manufacturer are always of better quality!

Any questions?

Should you have any questions about custom-made signet rings, you can use the contact form or give us a call prior to placing your order.

We are looking forward to speaking to you!

Your Signet Ring Manufacturer (Der Siegelringe-Hersteller)!