Each and every day policemen and women stand up for our rights in this country. For every single person in your country.
In this endeavour they do the impossible:

They must be both sporty and mentally fit. Police offers have to be able to keep up with the mind of a professor while also being able to explain the law in plain language so that anyone can understand.
In some cases police officers must make decisions within a split second. These are decisions affecting other people’s lives. In this day and age people even demand from them that they remain friendly when people insult or spit at police officers.

Police officers must be courageous even when the opponent to be arrested is physically stronger or when they are outnumbered by their opponents. Police officers must tell a crying mother with a maximum of emotional intelligence that her child has just passed away. This is without them having an emotional breakdown, of course.
On top of all this police officers are having to accept more and more that, in spite of their truly heroic deeds, the lawmakers, their very employers, do not honour these heroic deeds nearly enough. It may also be that the general public does not support the police force as much as they should.

Police officers in Germany are doing an excellent job that is rarely recognised but ever more often criticised.

We have created these signet rings to help you express 7solidarity among your colleagues appropriately, and to be able to show your solidarity with the police force.

The signet ring label “Thin Blue Line” was founded to bring to our brave police officers a whole new line of signet rings.

The signet ring symbolise the seemingly impossible. They symbolise everything our police force stands for day in, day out:

- sporty and modern while elegant at the same time
- intricate and sensitive yet extremely resistant
- adapts to any situation and condition

The signet rings of the “Thin Blue Line” line are made exclusively for all the police officers out there. The rings are made of solid stainless steel, and their quality is the top-notch quality that you know from the signet ring manufacturer. You get all of this at a price you will not find anywhere else. The head of your signet ring will feature the logo of your police unit while the shanks will bear the name of the authority or the city or the unit that you belong to.

Not only are these signet rings a great way of honouring an outstanding police officer but they also make for a wonderful farewell present or simply a memento of a time that defined you as a person.

Use the police signet rings of the “Thin Blue Line” line to show just how proud you are to be police officers.
Your country is proud of you!

The signet ring manufacturer can produce your very own signet rings. Be it signet rings of solid stainless steel for units of the German Armed Forces, signet rings for police units, signet rings for the KSK special forces command, signet rings for SEK special operations commands, signet rings for MEK mobile task force units, signet rings for the GSG9 counter-terrorism and special operations unit, special team signet rings, signet rings for your veterans’ club, signet rings for your special forces units, signet rings for your veterans’ meet up... There are almost* no limits.

The material that the signet ring manufacturer can offer you is not limited to stainless steel. Signet rings made of solid 925 sterling silver are also an options.**

The signet ring manufacturer would appreciate any criticism, positive and negative, suggestions for improvements and feedback. You can easily share your thoughts with the signet ring manufacturer by filling in the contact form. You can also find the signet ring manufacturer on Facebook (www.facebook.com/hardasyou). Please let him know what your thoughts and requests are. We will try together with to make your idea a reality in the form of a signet ring around your soldiers’ fingers.

*copyright and other right must, of course, be respected

**Should you prefer to use a different material price enquiries must be made. This is because prices vary according to the current daily price of precious metals.